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Slay To $100k Hypnosis Pack

Embody the mindset + way of being of the woman who makes $100,000 months with hypnosis 🤑


Hypnosis does what normal learning can't, it IMPRINTS the new way of thinking, feeling & being into you...


without doing anything other than closing your eyes, relaxing and allowing my words to transform you.


You also get my Slay to $100k Journal Prompts, to embody a $100k/mo mindset both consciously (journalling, planning) and subconsciously (hypnosis, embedding positive suggestions into your mind), so you get a complete mindset transformation.


The 40min $100k Embodiment Hypnosis Audio will...


  • Build your confidence and self belief that you ARE a $100k/mo woman


  • Reconnect to past successes stored in your subconscious so you can transfer those feelings into this way of being


  • Blow out your boundaries around money so you easily charge more


  • Let go of control over money - letting go of control eliminates blocks, so you're limitless to how much you can earn


  • Simplify your business by creating short lines to money


  • Believe it's just as easy to make $100,000 a month as it is to make $100


  • Drop you into creative flow in your work to create products + services to sell


PLUS Your Slay To $100k Journal Prompts includes over 200 prompts to clear money blocks, clarify your business, strategise your sales methods and create the shortest line to money.


Important: This product will not magically manifest you $100k months. It's a tool to expand your mindset + self belief so you get yourself there. Business is a skillset which takes time, so long term commitment to do the work and improve every day is what gives you long term success. This isn't for you if you're looking to 'Get rich quick', it's for those serious about cultivating the patience, skills and mindset to create a solid, sustainable business.

Slay To $100k Hypnosis Pack

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