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Build Your Money Mindset + Dream  Brand In 6 Weeks With

If you're a woman in business ready to expand your money mindset + manifest your dream income, this is for you!

Rich Chick Embodiment combines Hypnosis, Energy Work + Practical Business Strategies to open up the money flow into your biz. You'll build clear sales channels, heal your relationship with money and get into alignment in your work so you can make the BIG bucks!

Rich Chick Embodiment

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Ainsley Micallef

Hey Soon-To-Be Rich Chick!

If you're a driven woman ready to go ALL IN on your business so you can make your dream income (and create the life you want), Rich Chick Embodiment's got everything you need to build a solid success foundation.

My 18yrs of experience in business, mindset + energetics has been lovingly crafted into a 6 week course so you embody the mindset, skills, knowledge and business strategies to set up and grow a successful brand.

I'm a qualified Hypnotherapist, Counsellor, Energy Healer, Business Trainer and NLP Master and have experienced all facets of the ups and downs business brings - and I want to share it all with you so you create the clearest path to money.

I'm excited to work with you!

Ainsley Michelle xx


Rich Chick Embodiment will help you build out your entire brand + business ready for growth PLUS embody the mindset of a woman who hits $100k months.

Money Background

It's For You If...

✅ You already have a business, but money is sporadic + sales are low, so you want to build a solid money-flow system or...

✅ You're unclear about what you're doing... so you feel like you need to break it all down + build it back up properly or...

✅ Your fear of sales is blocking your ability to make money, so you want to connect (and close) with confidence or...

✅ Anxiety & confusion gets in the way, so you want to manage your emotions so you can drop into flow state when you work or...


✅ You're struggling to clarify your niche or confused about what content you need to create to reach your audience or...

✅ Your limiting money beliefs are holding you back from building consistent streams of income or...

✅ You've done mostly face to face work and want to take it online so you can work less for more money or...

✅ You want to create your own digital products, packages, retreats, workshops + group programs so you have different income streams at different price points 

Manifest (2).png

With Rich Chick Embodiment You Will...

Cath Gersback, Qld

“Your advice and guidance opened my eyes to a world of possibilities. You gave me exactly what I needed to start my photography business and move to the tropics and I'm so excited to embark on this new chapter. I can't thank you enough!"

Jacinta Ojwang, NSW

"Ainsley has worked with my personal business and children's charity for the last 4 years. From writing captivating copy through to online business development she has an incredibly wide rance of skills. She has the ability to crack open the core of your intention and express it with clarity. I highly recommend working with her"

Ynez Tulson, France

"Ainsley has an insightful way of seeing exactly what you need. She helped me put together a clear strategy for my life and explained it in a way that was easily actionable and non-overwhelming. In short, she kicked my butt out of procrastination station and it didn't hurt a bit. Now I'm living my dream life in the French countryside with my menagerie of animals & couldn't be happier"

 Here's EVERYTHING You Get! 

My entire business + money mindset builder package with 6 week training course, hypnosis audios, legal documents, social media templates, branding kit, copywriting formula + attraction sales strategy, support and so much more!

Rich Chick Embodiment Mock Up of digital products


Includes 6 modules covering your brain + money, brain + brand alignment, building out a successful business, healing your relationship with money and selling with ease.

Rich Chick Embodiment video training mock ups
  • The #1 thing you need to focus on for long term success in your business

  • 6 ways you block money from flowing into your bank account + my simple way to clear ALL your blocks at once

  • How to calm your nervous system around money + business tasks

  • Mastering your emotional state so you can receive money effortlessly

  • My Power of ONE method to walk, talk, think + BE your brand so it resonates with your dream audience

  • Building brand integrity so you’re believable, congruent + cohesive to your niche (and you)

  • The secret to creating positive mental + emotional associations in your brand so you audience LOVE everything you do

  • My 4 step passive to high ticket selling system for continuous income streams

  • My sleazy tactic-FREE Sell How You Buy Method to sell authentically and in integrity with yourself

  • Objection free sales method that has them primed and ready to buy BEFORE they even talk to you

  • My simple Money Allocation system to create a healthy relationship with money so it grows into wealth

  • Complete money audit and set up for the flow of more money


3 Hypnosis Audios to expand your money mindset, create offers your audience

LOVE to buy... and sell with confidence!

Creative Focus + Flow Hypnosis Audio Cover

Daily Creative Focus + Flow Sleep Hypnosis

Daily Creative Focus + Flow Hypnosis Audio is my 40 minute productivity sleep hypnosis. Listen when you go to bed so you wake up calm and ready to drop into flow state at your desk.

Fast Track To $100k hypnotic visualisation cover

Fast Track To $100k Hypnotic Visualisation

Fast Track To $100k Hypnotic Visualisation helps you mentally and emotionally step into the woman who hits $100k months so you think like her. Listen to this before you start work so the actions you take are aligned with this mindset.

Sales Confidence hypnosis audio cover

Sales Confidence Hypnosis Audio

Selling Confidence Hypnosis Audio to confidently sell with a mindset of connection and service which makes closing sales easy & fun. Listen to this before you start your sales activities for the day.

PLUS You Get My Complete Business + Branding Pack...

EVERYTHING you need to get started with plans, checklists, cheat sheets, *editable Canva templates, brand identity kit, copywriting hacks and more so you can build your brand from the ground up!

62 Step Blow Up My Biz Checklist Mock up

62 Point Blow Up My Biz Checklist

A complete checklist of every business task in Marketing, SEO, Branding, Sales, Course + Product Creation, Legal and Accounts. This will keep you on track so you know what needs to be done to get your entire business set up.

Cover my butt legal pack product mock up

Cover My Butt Legal Pack

Includes all of your legal documents which can be edited to suit your business with Client Agreement, Session Outlines, Code of Ethics, Terms of Service, Risk Assessment Kit, Disclaimer and more*

Brand Identity Templates Cover

Brand Identity Kit

Build your entire brand from the ground up with mood boards, brand style, vibe, language, colours, identifiers + more* Also includes 'About Me' carousels so you can pin your expertise to the top of your social posts, profile photo variations and more!

Social Graphics Pack cover

Sexy Social Graphics Pack

6 editable background templates for your social posts, website backgrounds, Insta highlight images and more!

Mock 7 Step Client Attraction Content Formula

7 Step Client Attraction Framework

My 'copywriting formula' that's made me the most money to date. This framework grabs your audience's attention in an emotional way and takes them on the buying journey. It can be used in your content, sales pages, videos, podcast and everywhere else you want to get attention.

286 scroll stopping hooks mock up

286 Scroll Stopping Content

Grab attention FAST in your reels, posts, sales pages and emails with these content hooks. Just add your own keywords and have fun creating curiosity with your audience so they watch, read, listen to everything you have to say.

RCE Sales Funel diagram

Sales Funnel Template

This infographic explaines how to map out your entire sales funnel for your customer journey* You just decide on what your offers will be from free to mid to high and then create a system that pulls your prospective clients through it.

Mock Social Media Post Templates

30 Day Attention Grabbing Post Templates Pack

Editable images for your social posts including 10 carousels, 10 product placeholders, image placeholders, quotes, tips and more with eye catching graphics.

Social Media Banners pack

Social Banner Templates

2 banners you can use for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other socials to grab attention and stand out.

Mock Daily Sales Activities

Hot Hustler Daily Sales
Activities Checklist

Over 150 ways to connect with your people each day. You can choose a simple 5 a day or if you're feeling energetic do the lot! Because the more eyeballs you get on your offers, the more money you make!

Connection Centered Sales Script Template

Close sales with ease using this template. You get a complete layout of the sales process whether it's for a phone call or via DM's so you can clarify their goals and sell them in a relaxed, caring way.

6 Week Rich Chick Plan

Your entire 6 weeks mapped out so you stay on track and know what to do each day.

AND Get All Of This Support!

You won't be alone on this path. I'm with you each step of the way, helping you, giving you advice and providing more helpful content to make sure you succeed.

Weekly Livestream Q&A's

Every Wednesday @ 11am AEST you get a livestream Q&A where I answer all of your questions and address any issues. If you can't make a session, you're able to drop any questions and I'll address them in the live.

Rich Chick Embodiment FB Group

Facebook community where you can ask me questions, get answers and meet likeminded women in a supportive environment. Even when you've finished the program, you can stay in the group for ongoing support.

Monthly Money Mastercla$$

Each month I run a masterclass on different topics that you want to learn more about. I run a poll so you can choose your preferred topic and then run a 1-2hr masterclass teaching you new skills.




Rich Chick Embodiment



Full Payment

6 Week Video Program + Workbooks

Show Me The Money! Hypnosis Pack

Rich Chick Business + Branding Pack

Mentoring + Support

Or 2 Monthly Payments of


Rich Chick Embodiment



Every month

Payment Plan

6 Week Video Program + Workbooks

Show Me The Money! Hypnosis Pack

Rich Chick Business + Branding

Mentoring + Support

Hey, I'm Ainsley Michelle Micallef. 18yrs ago I studied business, taught it and then started date coaching men.

And over the 18yrs, I've had businesses in dating, corporate training and personal development. I've also run retreats in Bali and did the laptop lifestyle thing in Central America + SE Asia for 2yrs.

Not only that, I'm a qualified Hypnotherapist, Counsellor, NLP Master + Energy Healer so I've got a hybrid of skills and expertise that no one can match.

I created this program for the women who's where I was 7 years ago. Battling with chronic anxiety because I couldn't get beyond my own mind after a failure in my business prior. I was lacking clarity, stuck in self doubt and energetically choking the money flow in my business. And I wish THIS course was available for me so I could get out of the hole (both mental + financial). Lucky for you, I did the hard yards to get here so you don't have to and have put it in a program that will change your life.

I'll be there to support you every step of the way because I want you to WIN!

So I hope to see you in here 😍

About Me

Ainsley x

PLEASE READ! Rich Chick Embodiment is NOT a get 'rich quick' program - it's for serious business owners who want to build a solid foundation in their brand + mindset, so they have clear direction and systems. Results vary depending on your business experience + level of understanding, internal beliefs, knowledge of your vocation, motivation levels, life obligations and other factors that are out of my control. To keep you accountable, this program is not refundable. Once you're in, you're all in and it's both of our responsibilities to keep you moving (you have unlimited access so can go at your own pace should you need a break from it).


Growing to $100k/mo takes time, patience and working in your business every day to build (if you make $100k in 6 weeks, AWESOME! however, this is about putting the proper foundations down so you can get to that over the next 1-2yrs). RCE will help you build the skills + mindset required to get there, and with your persistence, determination and 'never give up' attitude... you will! 

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