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Ainsley Micallef

Hey, I'm Ainsley Micallef

I've been in business for 18 years first as a student, teacher and then owner. My first gig was as a Dating Coach for men which evolved into corporate training, speaking, life/business coaching, running retreats, building hundreds of courses and experiencing the big money and complete crashes that come with running your own show.

I'm also a qualified Hypnotherapist, Counsellor, Energy Healer, Law of Attraction Coach and Neuro Linguistic Programming Master.

For 18 years I've worked with awesome people like you in all areas of their lives including dating, relationships, addictions & unhealthy habits, mental health, business, career and becoming your best self in the most rapid way possible.

I've also had lots of ups and downs around money which led me on a decade long quest to heal my relationship with it, while learning more about the psychology of it in relation to business.

Now I'm Here To Help You Hit Pay Dirt With Hypnosis 🤑

I work with you to expand your money consciousness while also creating an aligned brand and business so MORE money can flow in.

I started High Vibe Hypno by pulling together my qualifications, decades of informal study on Psychology, Spirituality & Personal Development, my personal & professional experience,  the mistakes I've made and the successes I've had to help you navigate this thing called life with more ease & flow than ever before!

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