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💸 Say 'Goodbye' To Money Blocks,
Charge What You're
+ Build A
BIG Buck Business 🤑

With Hypnosis!

(and business mentoring)

Hypnosis rapidly skyrockets your success + opens the money flow in your business

by reprogramming your mindset while together, we build you an aligned brand.  


My 3 package options are tailored to you + your goals so you can

3X, 5X... and even 10X your business

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If you're a coach, therapist, consultant, trainer or other service-based business, I work with you to embody the mindset + brand that brings in $10k, $30k or even $100k months.



💸 Use hypnosis to reprogram your belief system around money, selling and clear any money blocks so you can move forward... and up!

💸 Mentor you in your business, including the day to day running, building systems and creating clear money channels so your audience want to pay you more

💸 Embed strong self belief in yourself, your work and your ability to make the money you want.

💸 Build your motivation and clarity so you effortlessly drop into flow state when you work

💸 Build a business that gives you a LIFE, so you can make more money for less work

What That Looks Like



Eliminate money blocks + negative beliefs so you can open the flow of money in your business.



Clarify your goals, dreams and desires. Then I embed confidence, clear vision and motivation into your psyche so you take the aligned actions to get there. 

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Develop Money Intelligence which is key to long term wealth + success in your business.

Money Bag.png


Set up clear money channels in your business so your audience LOVE your offers + want to keep buying from you.



Confidently connect with prospects and sell with ease in a way that you can charge $3k, $5k or even $10k (or more) to work with you because you're so damn good at what you do!



Write, speak and show up on your videos with confidence so you can get more eyeballs... and open wallets.

Hypnosis + Business Mentoring Packages

Check Out My

There are 3 package options to choose from based on your goals and budget. With each package I bring 18yrs of business, mindset + energetics experience to give you a complete transformation in yourself, your income and your brand.

EXTRA BONUS!! Each package comes with a 'Make Your Money Back' Guarantee. If you don't make your money back in that timeframe, I work with you until you do. 

*Conditions of Guarantee: Client must show evidence that they've done the work required in their business, show up to sessions, listen to the hypnosis and follow every instruction. Client also must have a website and social media pages already set up. Continuation of sessions includes 2 x 1hr sessions and Messenger support to success. My services are not suitable for new business owners, affiliates or influencers.


Money Me Up 30 Day Hypnosis Package

This is PERFECT if you want help in one aspect of your mindset or business. This can include;

💰 Abundance + Money Flow

💰 Sales Confidence

💰 Motivation

💰 Niche Clarity

💰 Video, Writing + Content Confidence

💰 Self Belief

And more!

You also get templates and a clear strategy to get success that area.


Rich Chick Embodiment
60 Day Hypnosis + Mentoring Package

This is you if you have a business, but you're missing steps and have gaps in your processes (or you simply want to grow). RCE helps you build a strong foundation for massive growth by covering every aspect.


You get hypnosis + business mentoring to build a brand that brings in the big bucks.

You also get my Rich Chick Embodiment course with every template you need to build an amazing brand from scratch!


Millionaire Brain + Brand 90 Day Hypnosis + Mentoring Package

You get everything from Rich Chick Embodiment PLUS a 3 day Gold Coast Retreat.

Over 90 days we build your brand + mindset from the ground up. We will create clear money channels, glow up your brand, expand your wealth mindset and get you PAID! A lot!

PLUS you spend 3 days with me in my ocean view apartment in Surfers Paradise with personalised teachings, hypnosis + mindset work to get you on the millionaire path.

  • Money Me Up 30 Day Hypnosis Package

    One Area of Your Business
    • Perfect for Sales Confidence, Abundance Mindset, Motivation
    • 4 x 1hr Hypnosis Sessions
    • 1hr Planning Session
    • Hypnosis Recordings
    • Messenger Support
    • 👇 EXTRAS 👇
    • Continuation Guarantee*
    • Business Strategy For Topic We Work On 👇
    • (e.g. sales confidence = sales strategy)
    • Templates Related to Strategy
  • Rich Chick Embodiment 60 Day Package

    Hypnosis + Business Mentoring
    • Money Mindset + Brand Alignment
    • 4 x Hypnosis Sessions
    • 4 x Business Mentoring Sessions
    • 1 x Business Mapping Session
    • Hypnosis Session Recordings
    • Messenger Support Between Sessions
    • ✅ All Extras From Money Me Up!
    • 👇 EXTRAS 👇
    • Rich Chick Embodiment 6 Week Course
    • 👇 Course Includes 👇
    • 6 Week Mindset + Brand Training Videos
    • Show Me The Money! 3 x Hypnosis Audio Pack
    • 62 Step Blow Up My Biz Checklist
    • Cover My Butt Legal Pack
    • Brand Identity Kit
    • Sexy Social Graphics Pack
    • 7 Step Client Attraction Framework ​
    • 286 Scroll Stopping Content Hooks
    • Sales Funnel Graphic
    • 30 Day Attention Grabbing Social Posts Pack
    • Social Banner Templates
    • Hot Hustler Daily Sales Activities Checklist
    • Connection Centred Sales Script Template
    • 6 Week Rich Chick Plan
    • Weekly Livestream Q&A's
    • Rich Chick Embodiment FB Group
    • Monthly Money Masterclass
  • Millionaire Brain + Brand 90 Day Package

    Hypnosis + Business Mentoring PLUS 3 Day Gold Coast Retreat
    • Build A Million $$ Brand
    • 6 x Hypnosis Sessions
    • 6 x Business Mentoring Sessions
    • Hypnosis Session Recordings
    • Messenger Support Between Sessions
    • ✅ All Extras From Money Me Up! + Rich Chick Embodiment
    • 👇 EXTRAS 👇
    • 💸 3 Day Gold Coast Retreat 🏝
    • 👇 Retreat Includes 👇
    • 3 Days 2 Nights In Ocean View Apartment
    • 2 x Breakfast, 3 x Lunch, 2 x Dinners
    • Complete Business + Brand Build Out
    • 1 x Sales Training Session
    • 2 x Extra Hypnosis Sessions
    • 1 x Money Mindset Training Session
    • 1 x Content Writing/Scripting Session
    • Full Day Location Content Creation Package 👇
    • Various Location Reels, Video, Photos + Editing
    • Access To Pools, Gym, Sauna, Spa

  • Money Me Up 30 Day Hypnosis Package

  • Rich Chick Embodiment 60 Day Package

  • Millionaire Brain + Brand 90 Day Package


Need A Payment Plan?

Select one below

  • Money Me Up 🤑

    Every 2 weeks
    2 x Fortnightly Payments
    Valid for 4 weeks
  • Rich Chick Embodiment

    Every month
    2 x Monthly Payments
    Valid for 2 months
  • Millionaire Brain + Brand Glow Up

    Every month
    3 x Monthly Payments
    Valid for 3 months

**Full payment must be made prior to retreat

I'm Ainsley Micallef

Hey There!

So What Makes Me Different?

No one I know does it like I do. 


Because I've got 18yrs of experience in business, mindset + energetics. That means you get a HUGE hybrid of experience, skills and knowledge you won't find anywhere else.

Plus I've worked with thousands of awesome women just like you in business, mindset and building a life they love.

I'm a qualified clinical Hypnotherapist,  Counsellor, NLP Master, Energy Healer + Business Trainer, so I bring all of that experience into our sessions to give you the best results.

Me AI.png
Website BG Money Swirls.png
  • How does hypnosis work?
    When you're in a relaxed state, you go into a state of trance. There are 2 brainwave states that hypnosis can speak to; Alpha: That looks like watching TV, reading a book or focusing intently on a task. You're relaxed, in flow and just doing the thing. Theta: This is the state you go into just before you fall asleep. This is when you're most susceptible to suggestion. When you're in one of those states, your conscious mind (the chatterbox) is at rest which opens you up to subconscious programming. While you're in Alpha or Theta, I use suggestions to 'reprogram' your thought patterns around money. For example, if you believed 'money was the root of all evil', hypnosis can 'reframe' that belief to, 'Money gives me the freedom to live a great life and help a lot of people'. So when we map out your financial (and business) goals, I embed new thinking that's aligned with them so you take actions in your business that are aligned to get you there.
  • How does your hypnosis make me money?
    I rapidly eliminate the negative programming you have around money (and money making activities in your business). Over your life, you've developed subconscious programming from negative money experiences (and people)... which manifests into you focusing on the negative aspects of money. So you're almost 'out of step' with money because you're making decisions from a place of fear. As a result, you have a subconscious 'money cap' that limits what you earn in your business. This looks like; Avoiding sales activities Not charging enough for your services Not creating offers or content to build your client base Not working or being consistent Lacking confidence in your ability My hypnosis eliminates the fear that drives those behaviours by neutralising your triggers. I also embed positive new thinking and excitement so you're motivated to do those activities. Not only that, I get you into the right energy for money. Your thoughts, feelings and behaviour automatically become aligned with the conditions money needs to flow in.
  • What can I get hypnosis for?
    Abundance mindset Money intelligence to build wealth Overcoming sales fear Speaking confidence for video, stage + podcast Daily motivation Tapping into your creativity Clarity on your business Confidence talking to prospects Self belief + eliminating imposter syndrome Heal money trauma And so much more! Can't find what you need help with? Hit the chat button to message me and I'll let you know if it's possible.
  • What does business mentoring look like?
    Together we completely pull apart your business, look at the bottlenecks and create a clear strategy to help you sell more, get more eyeballs and grow your brand... based on your dream income goal.
  • Can you guarantee results?
    Yes... with a caveat; You must be 100% committed, show up, do the work and be open to the process.
  • Can I upgrade later on?

Grow Your Bank Account With Hypnosis

HURRY! SPACE IS LIMITED. To book the package you want, hit the button below.

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